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Imagine a plain yet subtle black and white world filled with mystery and challenges. Do you think you would be able to survive, would your life just be dull and boring, or perhaps you would not be able to comprehend the sensation of simplicity... It would take quite a bit of getting used to, but with due time you definitely hang in there.

The shift flash game series portrays challenging platform and puzzle games where your objective is to simply escape each room. There is no time limit or anything unique like that. Just use your skills and available resources to escape, when in doubt just 'shift'.

M-Shift games reminds of the days children spent a lot of time pressing CTRL + I in Microsoft Paint, inverting the black and white colours, or puzzling by means of directional arrows. M-Shift games of the present is very similar to that, you can switch from moving around in the black to the white in just a matter of a key press, typically skip levels that are very challenging, shifting numbers in order to decipher a code, and many other actions.

It allows you to skip the game up to hundred times, therefore eliminating any of the challenging levels, use the skips wisely though, because skipping takes out the entire point of the game as well as the fun.

Puzzle platform games are typically most favourite games among children, who especially enjoy the M-Shift game series because of their originality and challenging levels. Shifts also have some new mini games added which makes the game a bit more interesting, be sure to check those out as well once you complete the rest of the game.